Kera di hutan di susukan, siap kasik Caramel Macchiato® lagik

Before this, I heard a lot of rumors telling that we (our Boleh-Land tanahair) banyak bg beruk2 di hutan minum susu malah kadang2 hidangkan SB`s Caramel Macchiato® lagik. Mula2 about the price of Proton cars oversea. U can Google the price info, yg paling best Australia`s prices. Of course, even the value of Aus Dollar is 3 times Ringgit Malayisa, the car price is almost the same!

As example of the comparison value:
Mr.Malaysia :-
Fresh Grad Salary = RM 1900 (AUD $ 600) : Gen2 in M`sia =RM 55900

Mr. Australian :-
Fresh Grad Salary = AUD$ 1900 (RM 5900) : Gen2 in Aus =RM 53150
*Please click for the price details.

Malaysia BOLEH!

And today, I received an email stating that the kera di hutan not even get milk anymore, they drink Caramel Macchiato® these days. See the price for Japanese who live in Malaysia who bought this car locally.

Price List for Honda Accord 2.0L VTi RM
Normal Selling Price 137,197.60
Excise Duty -36,707.20
Sales Tax -10,011.80
Selling Price 90,478.60
Road Tax 378.50
Registration Fee 300.00
Number Plate 50.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee 50.00
Retail Price (Without Insurance) 91,257.10
Insurance 3,823.90
On-the-road Price with Insurance RM95,081.00

Wanna know normal price for us Malaysian?
RM 141,800

And again, Malaysia BOLEH!


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