Gadget lovers: People who lined up for days in front of Softbank's flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo, finally enter the store at 7 a.m. Friday to buy Apple's iPhone 3G, which debuted in 22 countries the same day. KYODO PHOTO

Apple iPhone rings up sales in Tokyo debut

Staff writer

Hundreds of gadget lovers lined up Friday outside stores in Tokyo for the iPhone's Japan debut, as analysts closely watch whether the device will catch on among consumers other than Apple fans.

Softbank Corp., Japan's No. 3 mobile phone operator, is currently the only carrier to offer the iPhone here, although industry No. 1 NTT DoCoMo Inc. said it has not given up on the device.

More than 1,000 people were on hand when sales kicked off at 7 a.m. at Softbank's flagship store in Tokyo's Omotesando district, where a puff of white smoke in front of the store signaled the start of sales.

At last, iPhone arrived in Japan market. Sampai beribu org beratur utk jadik 1st user iPhone in Japan, tp aku tgk kedai Softbank kt sini (Oita) lengang je, td nampak sorang customer sengih2 pegang kotak iPhone yg br dpt dr one of the branch kt sini. Pekan, senior aku kt Oita ni pun katanya dah dpt iPhone dia, sure lenguh jari dok ngadap mende tu ye dak hehehe. Eh lupe, iPhone ni touch screen so xde dah lenguh2 jari ni agaknye.

Few things yg aku rasa pelik jugak. Sama mcm Zairul jugak, of course la kan the machine mmg power la dr gadgets yg ada sebelum ni, tp apa bab 3g tu, setahu aku dah bertahun2 dah handphone kt Japan ni ada 3G tp derang tak panggil 3G. GPRS, map, Navi@NaviWalker, Saifu-ketai (Portable Wallet-autocharge to ur bill every month, u can make payment while shopping or buy Coke at vending machine by just lean@scan ur handphone at the autocharge sensor), video-phone, net surfing, Digital High-vision TV, etc etc.

Aku tak kata yg tak suke iPhone, cuma xstart berjinak2 lagi hehehe. Pekan, nnt nak main iPhone ko seminit dua buleh?

Oh ya, ni ada version hi-Phone yg bleh pakai kat Malaysia.


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