Greddy lousy ppl!

To cut it short, Lehman Brothers collapse, and Japan`s Nomura Shoken ambil alih Lehman Brothers`s Japan Branch nye staff n urusniaga.

Average annual income for Nomura Shoken staff is roughly 1000万円 (RM350,000/year)

U know how much Nomura Shoken paying their "new-global-worldwide-US-base-company-and-US-bagusnakmampos-thats-why-they-win-the-WWII-and-nuke-HiroshimaNakasaki" staff annual income?

4000万円(RM1.4 million/year)

Reason : Because Lehman Brothers paid them as much as that before so nak maintain staff kelas atasan tu kene la layan sama mcm derang dpt dulu.

Patut le bleh bail-out, tsk tsk.


Ejey M. said...

Eh apsal comment column ni buat hal?

Anonymous said...

test. test. macam dah ok dah.

Ejey M. said...

roger and out ;-)