Water base fuel gadget for u sir?

Honda Water-base fuel FCX. Bye-bye Petronas.

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com

Refer the Youtube above. I'm curious of such cost, and smell a tricky business here.

Would u dare to put a canister to store disassociated hydrogen gas in you car?.
Imagine, if it leaks, it just takes a small spark eg: like your spark plug to ignite your entire car.
Mind you, hydrogen is not easy to store, it's the lightest gas and the most highly combustion one on the planet.

The question aside from the high cost, which I assume should be high and the different engine to burn hydrogen without blowing up your car, would you seriously put one in?

Let's get this straight. NGV and hydrogen combustions are different.
Both combust, and you can't say, atomic effect is similar to a nuclear impact.

The cost of modification is almost more than NGV.
If someone was brilliant to say, it cost (cheapest) RM5k-10k to install it, please let me know which car actually did.

Similarly, RM5-10k, is like 3-4 years of fuel payment for me. Thinking of ruin the actual system of ur engine can harm it more, I wouldn't bother to change to this "new tech" add-on engine.
I would have gone all hybrid when the cost of building a car then is cheaper, not to mention safer than getting it modified by "unknown" rat-test subjects.

Don't get me wrong for not being environment friendly or supportive for this cause, but, has even the major car manufacturer begun researching and testing all this ?

If Honda(or Toyota or other car maker) dare hybrid, they would have done thorough research on health and safety on this.